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Automotive Technology

Students working on brakes of vehicle Trailblazer offers students a wide variety of knowledge, and hands-on skills to help educate them for their future career in automotive technology. Mr. Michael Strickland is a certified automotive technician, who has first-hand industrial experience to guide Trailblazer students in hands-on learning.  Approximately 40 students are enrolled in the program. Whether students plan to work in a local repair shop, dealership, landscape, farm setting or to maintain and repair their personal vehicle, these courses and certifications are beneficial.

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair
This pathway prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain all types of automobiles. Includes instruction in brake systems, electrical systems, engine performance, engine repair, suspension and steering, automatic and manual transmissions and drivetrains, and heating and air condition systems.

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repairs A
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair B
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair C
Auto Maintenance and Light Repair D
Auto Special Problems I
Auto Special Problems II
Automotive Co-op

Auto MLR (Maintenance and Light Repair) I is designed as a beginning automotive mechanic course that introduces students to automobile service and repair, shop safety, engine repair, automatic transmissions and transaxles, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical and electronic systems, heating and air conditioning, and engine performance. This is the first course in a 4-course sequence that prepares students for the Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) ASE Student Certification test. 

Students will be introduced to automotive technology concepts in the classroom and be provided lab based hands-on maintenance and repair experience. This course will also provide students with the opportunity to apply and extend concepts studied in their math and science classes (related to algebra, basic arithmetic, physics, and electrical, computer, and chemical sciences) to the automotive technology industry.

Entry level ASE MLR certification.

The senior students have work-based learning opportunities in various medical facilities in the area. They use skills that they have learned in the classroom, as well as, learn new things in the industrial setting. Some students even have the opportunity to earn money while working during school hours.

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