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About Our School

Our School

Trailblazer Early College and Career Academy prepares students for today's world by offering relevant and meaningful learning experiences.  By connecting the high school experience to business and community partners, the academy model aligns education and workforce development needs to better prepare students for post-secondary education and career success.

Trailblazer Early College and Career Academy students solve real-world challenges through project-based learning and experience real-life learning through field trips, community service learning and work-based learning. During the senior year, students are provided work-based learning opportunities through internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships.  Academy students are prepared and inspired to continue their journey toward their career choice when they graduate high school.

Trailblazer Early College and Career Academy is designed to engage students during their high school years through unique learning opportunities. Students graduate with an understanding of what it means to work in an industry and professional setting. They learn about the educational requirements for positions in their industry of choice as they develop a plan for beyond high school that help them achieve their goals.  

Academy students benefit from:
• Small, personalized learning environments
• Partnerships with businesses that provide real-world, authentic learning opportunities 
• Focus on 21st-century skills students need to succeed in college and life 
• A culture of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity 
• Rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum 

Trailblazer Early College and Career Academy students graduate with:
• Direct career and industry exposure 
• Ability to earn college credits and industry credentials
• Networking opportunities with local industry professionals 
• Senior year work-based learning experiences through internships, co-ops and/or apprenticeships 

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